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Why a B2B Distribution Strategy is Better than a Promotion Strategy

Content marketing requires a lot of time, effort, and expertise — but it pays off in spades when done well.

The key to establishing ROI from your content marketing program is understanding the difference between promotion and distribution.

How can you ensure that quality content is delivered to your ideal audience? Read on to learn why B2B content distribution tops promotion every time.

An effective B2B distribution strategy delivers targeted content to audiences that already expect it on a d

Working with a Disability: Things to Look for in a Workplace

What to look for in a future employer

Some companies offer benefits that are more lucrative to people who suffer from chronic conditions. Before I looked at a single job application, I made a list of my requirements for a future employer.

PTO that doesn’t make you choose between health or fun

Even the most well-controlled chronic conditions require regular medical appointments. You should not have to choose between maintaining your health and enjoying a break from work. I would hate to have t

Celebrate International Dog Day with #DevelopersBestFriend

It’s no secret that we’re fans of dogs here at Snyk. In fact, you’ve probably noticed our logo is a Doberman.

Throughout history, dobermans have been known as a pillar of protection. The breed first appeared in Germany during the 1870s because of Louis Dobermann, a tax collector who also ran a local dog pound. With access to so many breeds, Dobermann wanted to create a dog that would be perfect for providing protection.

He decided to mix a cattle dog and a shepherd dog — two breeds known for t

6 Ways to Tactfully Educate Your Coworkers About Racism

Unless you work at the American Civil Liberties Union, you probably don’t expect to engage in racially-based discussions at your place of employment. However, these conversations do come up.

It’s important to be prepared when they do. Racism is a controversial, yet necessary, conversation. As a woman of color, I’ve both willingly and begrudgingly had to talk about race at places I’ve worked. Here are some tips I’ve used myself in order successfully educate coworkers about racism.

What Is a Hedge Fund?

If the year were 1987, this article would have been written by a condescending, middle-aged, white, Wall Street man who was all “understand what the men at the bar are talking about while you silently sit next to them, sipping on a cosmopolitan.” But it’s 2018, I’m 23, not white, and women run the show now. This article isn’t to help you understand what the finance bros blocking the bar are arguing about—this is so you, a financially savvy woman, can learn a new way to maximize your profit.